Top Tips On Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home

June 21st, 2012 • By: Vinden Property Or Real-Estate Tips

Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home: Top Tips

Selling Real Estate Tips

There are certain key steps that the home-owner must take to maximise their chances of selling real estate or property.
We’ve learned these over the past 30 years of buying and selling real estate in America, England, France, Belgium, etc.

Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate

Realtors, estate agents, property developers and fellow real estate investors have helped us over these 3 decades, for which many thanks!

Now, as Property or Real Estate Coaches or mentors, we help others to sell their homes, for more money and faster!

We’ve sold an apartment in a French château in Provence for 3 times what we paid for it a few years previously!
We’ve bought an upmarket ‘executive-style’ apartment at auction for one-third of a million pounds / over half a million dollars!
We even bought a fabulous property in very smart Naples on Florida’s Gulf coast at an 80% discount on what the Realtor who owned it had paid a few years prior to that!

Selling Real Estate Tip 1

De-cluttering / un-clutteriing: this gives visitors to your home the chance to imagine themselves living in the property.
Too many effects in the home that are personal to you put people off. It stops them from picturing it as their home.

Selling Real Estate Tip 2

Kerb-appeal: many people will just drive on past your home if you haven’t taken the time to create a great first impression. Why waste these appointments?!
Trim any hedge, tidy up the front garden / yard, repaint the woodwork, the front door and treat any fencing.

Selling Real Estate Tip 3

Repairs: ensure that you get all of those little repairs /  DIY or handyman jobs completed that ‘you’ve been meaning to get around to’!
Loose drawer knobs, torn curtains, chipped woodwork, etc. imply to people that you haven’t maintained the property very well.

Selling Real Estate Tip 4

Cleaning: your home should be as clean as when it was built and ready for you to move into. If it wasn’t brand new, clean it or get it professionally cleaned so that it gleams like new!
That includes inside cupboards too. Even pipework should be free of dust and grease. No dust bunnies under the beds either! Don’t forget extractor hoods / vents too.

Selling Real Estate Tip 5

Painting and decorating: a fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings and on the internal and external woodwork will make your home gleam and compare favourably with show homes and models.
Don’t forget you are also competing with new build homes. Fresh paintwork really makes a great first external and internal impression and implies you’ve cared for or maintained your home well.

Selling Real Estate Tip 6

Staging or dressing your home for sale: make it a ‘show home’ or model and create a lifestyle in the way that you stage the home that you believe will appeal to your home’s target market.
Visit a few show or model homes to see how they ‘dress’ the beds, lay a table as though for a meal, etc. They ‘stage’ each room to help viewers envisage a life for them in the property.

Selling Real Estate Tip 7

Pricing: this is crucial! This needs to be set at a level that is realistically achievable, not simply what you would like to achieve when selling real estate.
Do your research. What are comparable prices for selling real estate of a similar type, condition and location to yours? Use these as a guide. Buyers will!

So there you have it. This is a brief summary of the key tips for selling real estate.

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Welcome To A Great Resource To Help You Sell Your Home & For More Money

December 10th, 2011 • By: Vinden Book Of Tips On Selling Your Home Quickly And For More Money

Sell Your Home For More Money… In Any Market, Even This One!

People have been struggling to sell their properties / homes for a couple of years now.

We have extensive experience and expert contacts in the world of real-estate / property and felt it was time to put that knowledge to good use! Hence, our new site and new book, all aimed at:

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  • For a better price than you expected!

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We aim to be of great help to you in selling your property.

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors

December 1st, 2011 • By: Vinden Property Or Real-Estate Tips

Real Estate Investors –  Are You Making These Property Investment Mistakes?

To those interested in investing in real estate / property, these tips on property investment mistakes are a useful alert!

Remember that when you’re selling your property, you’re also (typically) going to buy another property, unless you’re moving into rented accommodation.
You can view that purely as ‘your home’ or, in addition, as an investment, so these warnings about property investment mistakes are a timely reminder of what to look out for when either investing or buying your next property.

property investment mistakes

property investment mistakes

Top 10 Property Investment Mistakes

Real estate investment has, in the past, proven to be one of the most lucrative forms of investment. But it has also shown itself to be risky, especially over the last few years! As an example, we bought a property in Florida, USA for 80% less than the amount in sold for 5 years earlier! And it was owned by a real-estate agent, the people you like to think are shrewd buyers of real-estate or property!

It is therefore important to ensure that you are well-versed on the trends and nuances of the real estate or property market.

Knowing the most common property investment mistakes made by real estate or property investors will help steer you away from making similar errors and enhance your chance of a good return on your investment. has put together the top 10 property investment mistakes after speaking to established, full-time real estate investors and other professionals involved in real estate investment such as bankers.

1. Not planning ahead or not planning at all
Novice investors tend to be the biggest group who commit this cardinal sin. A proper plan is crucial. Forming a proper investment strategy and then finding a house is the right way instead of looking for a house to fit the plan. Many investors make one of the common property investment mistakes of purchasing a property simply because it seems to be a good deal and then they try to see how they can fit it into their ‘plan’.

Instead of buying a house and thinking one can plan later (always fatal!), investors should concentrate on the investment numbers and make offers on multiple properties. This will ensure a good property is purchased that not only matches your chosen investment model but that also works out well with the numbers they are in your plan.

2. Believing you can make money in property quickly

The second of the major property investment mistakes that novice real estate or property investors make is thinking it’s really easy to get rich in real estate. This is only a myth. The reality is that investing in real estate is a long-term strategy.

3. Doing it by yourself
To become a successful property or real estate investor, one needs to build a team of appropriate professionals to assist in deals. This would ideally include a real estate agent or Realtor, an appraiser, a closing attorney, a home inspector and a lender.

4. Paying over the odds
Investors in real estate often make investment errors by paying too much for the properties in which they invest. Paying too much and locking up all your funds in the badly chosen property deal will leave you with no money to redeem yourself.

5. Missing out on the basic homework

Not doing your groundwork could be one of the most expensive property investment mistakes for a real estate investor. Always learn the fundamentals of property investing before venturing into it.

6. Not exercising caution

It’s imperative that investors exercise a certain degree of caution while making a deal. New investors often fail in this area, getting excited at the mere thought of expanding their property portfolio and then sign a deal without doing sufficient research on the property.

7. Miscalculating cash flow

Investors whose strategy is to buy, hold and rent out their properties must ensure that they have sufficient cash flow for maintenance and void (empty) periods. Managing a property (particularly older ones) can be expensive and the owner is likely to incur other expenses such as mortgage, property taxes, landlords’ insurance, advertising costs, etc. Investors have to allocate their budget and make sure all these expenses are taken care of, or end up having their asset turn into a liability.

8. Keeping a low volume of deals
A larger volume of property deals or transactions helps to minimise risk in one sense by reducing the impacts of marginal deals.

9. Getting trapped by your own real estate deal
It’s prudent to have a number of options at your disposal for the property you buy. This helps one to be prepared for inevitable fluctuations in the real estate market. Plans to rent out the house could go awry if or when the rental market slumps. Having alternative plans helps you cut down losses and tackle unforeseen situations.

10. Making incorrect estimates
People who plan to refurb their investment property need to make sure they will still reap the benefits at double the renovation or refurbishment time that they had estimated as projects almost always overrun, especially if one is inexperienced. This ensures they do not miscalculate and lose money on the deal.

Investing in real-estate or property sounds glamorous and an easy path to making your fortune, but it’s fraught with property investment mistakes, as shown above. Do your research thoroughly first. Hire a real-estate or property coach and avoid the most common property investment mistakes.

So, there you have it: the top 10 property investment mistakes.

Vinden Grace

Creative Solutions To Overcome Any Mortgage Or Home Selling Problems

November 1st, 2011 • By: Vinden Book Of Tips On Selling Your Home Quickly And For More Money

Buying A Property For £1 & Avoiding Bankruptcy & Repossession

When people’s backs are up against the wall, it’s good to see creative minds finding win-win solutions.

I read a newspaper article about how an adviser helped injured Wales rugby player Rhys Thomas buy a property for £1!
Plus helped the couple trying to sell the house avoid bankruptcy and retain their equity.

What creative solutions can you come up with either to sell your property or invest in one?
Rent to buy and lease options are popular devices to build up a property portfolio.

We’ve offered a vintage Rolls-Royce on one of our properties that was a huge and expensive mansion / country house.
We wanted to make our property stand out for sale in an area of lots of expensive houses.
It certainly got people’s attention! (It sold for ~ $1.1 million!)

Currently, to publicise our upcoming book, “Selling Your Home For More Money – In Any Market!”, and our
even more in-depth home-study course (in development), we’re even giving away one of our properties.
Not a cheap one either – it’s worth ~ $2/3 million!

Hope this stimulates some creative solutions thinking on your part. For help with this, check out our book.

Vinden Grace

Is It Time To Buy In America, Especially In Sunny Florida?

March 5th, 2010 • By: Vinden Real Estate or Property Investment

Our Offer On A Short-Sale Property In Sunny Florida. Is Now The Time To Buy In The US? Florida Appeals.

During December 2009 and January 2010,when my wife, Eve Grace-Kelly, and I were on a 5-week vacation, we researched the real-estate market on the Gulf Coast of Florida, with the help of a superb team from Naples. (Contact me if you want their information.) We fell in love with the region, especially Naples and Sarasota. We visited a few properties and decided to ‘dip a toe in the water’ with an offer on a luxury condominium for our winter vacations.

We found a lovely, smart gated community only a short drive from the wonderful beaches of Naples (some of the whitest sand we’ve seen, including many islands in the Caribbean!), we were shown a delightful property listed as  ‘short sale’. We reviewed the ‘comps’ (comparable properties both for sale and sold to assess actual sale prices achieved) with the broker and agent, a critical step when buying a property, to ensure that the place seemed a good investment and then offered 25% less than the asking price! (That’s almost 80% below the sales prices of 5 years ago!! But if you don’t ask, you don’t get…)
We heard yesterday that a counter-offer by the bank was only a small percentage above our offer, so we accepted this and should be going into escrow today!

Watch this space for updates on how the process goes for foreigners (we’re Brits) buying real-estate / property in America.

Incidentally, last weekend’s UK Sunday Times newspaper had a useful article on how Florida seemed now to be a very good prospect for property purchase.
To read more, click this link.

Have a great day.

Don’t forget to check on progress on researching and writing our upcoming new book of top tips on how to sell your home for more money, in any market, even this one!
Click this link to find out more or visit the relevant page on this website.

Vinden Grace

Property Coach

Writing from a very snowy Brussels, Belgium in mid-March!

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace - Naples, Florida Dec 2009-web
Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace – Naples, Florida Dec 2009
Naples, FL condo - one of the lakes
Naples, FL condo – one of the lakes
Condo swimming pool, Naples, Florida
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