Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sweepstake or Competition Prize?

If you’re based outside the USA, one (1) prize winner will receive full title to our property, Apartment 11, Gillespie House, Holloway Drive, Virginia Park, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4SU England (the “Prize”).
(Subject to these terms and conditions.)

Our apartment is valued at £425,000 (c. $675,000, yes …$2/3 MILLION)!

If you’re based inside the USA, one (1) prize winner will receive a cash prize of $10,000 (the “Prize”).

How do I know that this contest is genuine?

We’ll produce ‘legally certified’ documentation at the end of the competition showing the identity of the winner and legal transfer of the property into their name or transfer into their bank account of the cash prize if they prefer.

Anyone will be able to check online at UK Land Registry and similar sites a few months after the competition ends that the property has indeed transferred into the name of the competition winner (unless they take a cash equivalent instead).

Also, as Life Coaches and Business Coaches, integrity is crucial for us. (See our website QCCgroup.com.)
We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

We have also joined HonestEOnline.com to reassure visitors to our site that we abide by legal, decent and honest guidelines, always acting with the utmost integrity.

Finally, as a member of the UK’s top business-people’s organisation, the Institute of Directors and as corporate members of the UK’s Chambers of Commerce, we have to be seen to be operating ethically, which in any case, is true to our values.

How do I know that the apartment is worth as much as you say it is?

We have documentary evidence from the previous agents who managed the property for us. (They looked after the previous tenant to end 2011.)
Additionally, you can just check any of the leading websites for UK properties and see what equivalent properties sell for in Virginia Water, Surrey, England, where our property is situated. Another alternative is to check online at UK Land Registry and similar sites to see what similar properties have sold for recently.

What is the projected rental income?

A tenant is currently paying that figure of £1,600 pcm (c. $2,550)! Previously, (2009), a tenant was paying £1,850 pcm (c. $2,950.)

What if I win the prize & don’t want to keep the apartment, even if it is producing a rental income of £19,200 or around $30,600 each year, or I don’t want live in it myself?

That’s quite OK. If you win full title to the apartment, we’ll give you the cash value of the apartment instead, i.e. £425,000 (c. $675,000)!
We would pay this into the bank account of your choice.

What if I win the prize and want to keep the apartment, rent it out and keep the excellent rental income but I don’t live nearby or even in the UK?

We’ll introduce you to our excellent lettings agents, who can fully manage the property for you and just deposit the rent into your account anywhere in the world! That’s what they’ve been doing for us. We haven’t even met the current tenant! Our agents carry out the necessary reference checks, receive the monthly rental, deduct a small percentage for managing the property in our absence, bill us any items of maintenance, and send us the balance each month straight into our bank account! It’s a totally hands-off operation for us!

Is there a catch? This sounds amazing & too good to be true!

As Internet marketers, Amazon best-selling authors and Life / Success Coaches launching new membership sites for online coaching, this seemed to be a good opportunity to try to ‘sell’ the property in a novel way… Plus, it’s great publicity for these upcoming Internet projects! So, now you know 😉 Watch this space for more details of these projects.

Is the apartment nice? Is the area where it’s based OK?

It’s a really lovely apartment, about 11 years old.
It was redecorated throughout 6 years ago.
All appliances are high quality and everything works.
It’s a secure, gated estate with large, beautifully kept grounds, a Grade 1 listed main building, which is divided up into town houses plus an amazing Great Hall, used for entertaining, a gym, and what is believed to be the only Grade 1 listed swimming pool in Britain! (Grade 1 listed means it’s of highly significant historical and architectural importance.)
There is friendly 24-hour security / concierge service to look after the estate, take in your deliveries, etc.

I used to be the Chairman of the Social Committee there. We organised jazz concerts, classical concerts, ‘pub quiz nights’, Christmas carol concerts, exhibitions, etc. in the stunningly beautiful Great Hall.

There is also a children’s play area in the grounds plus an outdoor tennis court.

We also have our very own chapel! This is now used by residents and friends for basketball and badminton, keep-fit, etc.

As for the area, it is one of the most expensive in the whole of Britain!

Virginia Water is really lovely and in the UK county of Surrey, an area close to London, yet still very green. It’s a really peaceful village, yet not far to Heathrow airport, the UK’s main airport. The huge, wide-open, green spaces of Windsor Great Park and Virginia Water lake are nearby (2 or 3 minutes drive). Shops and restaurants are nearby and it’s a 10 minute walk to the train station with a direct line to London. The World-famous Wentworth golf course is about a mile away.

What happens if you don’t make enough to cover the worth of your apartment, after all, it’s very valuable!

Well, so that we don’t lose money on it, and you’re right, it is a lot of money, we would give the competition winner a cash prize instead, up to 50% of the funds received after marketing and administration costs, which could still amount to several hundred thousand dollars!

However, we are confident that, because buyers of these books and home-study course are getting such an incredible deal, both in terms of the valuable tips provided in the books and course, enabling people to save thousands and thousands of dollars, plus great bonuses, *plus* free chances to win our amazing apartment, we’ll generate enough revenue to more than cover the value of the property.

Is there a way that I can make even more money with your Property or Real-estate Competition or Sweepstakes, in addition to the potentially thousands of dollars I’ll save using the great tips in the downloadable books / e-books?

Certainly! You can sign up for free as an affiliate to our competition and promote it to your friends, family, business colleagues, acquaintances, etc.
If you have a mailing list for your business, even better! You can make a good % of every sale by clicking to sign up here.
[Click on this link to go to our affiliate scheme.]

All that we ask is that you abide by good Internet marketing practices, e.g. please do not use spam, unsolicited email marketing. Anyone found to have done this will be removed from both our system *and* our competition!

It’s in both your and our long-term interests to preserve good online reputations.

Are there any restrictions I should know about?

Your country’s laws must allow you to enter such a competition. It’s not gambling according to UK law, so…. It’s also not a lottery. Additionally, tickets are free, included as bonuses with the e-books that you are buying, so you are not even paying to enter the competition.

You must be aged 18 or older.

The winners must be willing to take part in a small amount of publicity, e.g. video, photos, this website…. We want to show competition entrants that this is a genuine competition.

How much would you estimate the free entry to this sweepstake or competition is worth?

Well, other people in the UK have been charging £25 or £50 per ticket! That’s $40 and $80 per ticket!
So, as you can see, given the valuable tips in our books, plus the incredible value of the bonuses, you are getting amazing value!

What are the full sweepstakes or competition terms?

Please see our Terms of Service page on this site for the full legal terms created by a top US lawyer who specialises in this field.