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Top Tips On Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home

Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home: Top Tips Selling Real Estate Tips There are certain key steps that the home-owner must take to maximise their chances of selling real estate or property. We’ve learned these over the past 30 years of buying and selling real estate in America, England, France, Belgium, […]

Top 10 Mistakes Made By Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investors –  Are You Making These Property Investment Mistakes? To those interested in investing in real estate / property, these tips on property investment mistakes are a useful alert! Remember that when you’re selling your property, you’re also (typically) going to buy another property, unless you’re moving into rented accommodation. You can view […]

Home Sellers: Have You Made Your New Year's Resolutions?!

Well, the trip from Belgium and the UK is going really well. We’re over in Florida, house-hunting. On Saturday, we depart for a week on a fabulous cruise with Mike Filsaime, Tracy Repchuk and over 400 other top Internet marketers. We’ll visit Mexico, Belize and Honduras. During that time, we’ll be networking, learning from one […]

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