Vinden Grace and Eve Grace-Kelly

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace

Vinden Grace

Vinden Grace is a very experienced real-estate / property investor of over 30 years standing.

  • My wife, Eve, and I have bought property / real-estate at auction (one was over half a million dollars!)
  • We have renovated a large English country house worth ~ $1.1. million
  • We’ve bought  an amazing French château apartment while reading the Sunday newspapers & having breakfast in bed!
  • Our background includes decades in Project Management and running our own real-world (bricks and mortar) businesses, such as a recruitment company, a management consultancy, a life and business coaching company, an Internet marketing consultancy and others.
  • Our latest book is chock full of tips to help you sell your home quicker and for more money in any market, even this one!
Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace - wedding anniversary

Eve Grace-Kelly & Vinden Grace - wedding anniversary

Eve Grace-Kelly speaks at Wembley!

Eve was invited to speak at Marsha Wright’s Business Acceleration Bootcamp in Wembley, London.
Her talk was about finding a business to start that really reflects your core values, interests and passion. Eve explained the importance of aligning the 3 key drivers for success in life and business: namely, passion, skills and money.

Eve Grace Kelly

Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly: Amazon Best-Selling Authors!

A new book from Vinden Grace and Eve Grace-Kelly

Our book, ‘Ultimate Life Lessons‘, co-authored with 35 other highly successful people, reached the top 0.25% (yes 1/4) on both Amazon.com & Amazon.co.uk in the 2 weeks before Christmas,
so we had heavy competition!

Our co-authors included:

  • Tracy Repchuk – the World’s top Internet marketing woman speaker
  • Jonathan Jay, top entrepreneur featured in a UK TV programme
  • Kevin Green, Wale’s top multi-millionaire property investor
  • Caroline Marsh, property investor
  • Queen Elizabeth II’s former personal physician
  • and 6 of the stars of TV’s ‘Secret Millionaire’ series.

Update: What have Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly got in common?

The answer is that they (we!) are all speakers at a major business exhibition and conference in London’s O2 arena (formerly the Millennium Dome) in March 2012!

Vinden Grace and Eve Grace-Kelly are delighted to have been invited to speak there.

We may even promote our property competition there, where we’re giving away one of our properties worth ~$2/3 million to one lucky buyer of one of our books or home-study courses.
For more information, check out our book and course on this site.

Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly’s mentors

Eve Grace-Kelly and Vinden Grace have had the privilege of being mentored by many highly successful entrepreneurs, such as:

  • Tracy Repchuk – the World’s top Internet marketing woman speaker
  • Mike Filsaime – one of the world’s top Internet marketers
    (We’ve been on 2 of his famous Caribbean cruises with ~ 400 other top entrepreneurs)
  • Rich Schefren –  top mentor to many successful entrepreneurs
  • Jonathan Jay – founder of the world’s largest coach training school (sold for many millions!) and founder of the National Alliance of Business Owners and SuccessTrack, a business mentoring programme.
Marketers' Cruise-Donna Fox, Lou Edwards, Vinden Grace, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal-January 2010

Marketers' Cruise-Donna Fox, Lou Edwards, Vinden Grace, Mike Filsaime, Tom Beal-January 2010

Vinden Grace (above) with Mike Filsame & team on the famed Marketers’ cruise around the Caribbean, held each year. Been twice so far. Great fun!

Our Overcoming Procrastination book

Our Overcoming Procrastination book

Our coaching & consulting company, Quantum Group

Our coaching & consulting company, Quantum Group


Our Unstoppable Confidence book

Our Unstoppable Confidence book

Testimonials For Vinden Grace & Eve Grace-Kelly

“As a professional all my working life, being in control and confident of my decisions, the thought of early retirement was like looking into a void. Without a definite direction, and no concrete idea of what I wanted to do, or where I saw myself in 10 years from now, I decided to turn to one person who I was sure would be able to make sense of the huge dilemma facing me.

Vinden Grace has been a crucial sounding board and coach for me as I transition from my current job into pastures new. His insightful questioning and persistent probing have helped me enormously, being able to see what an exciting future awaits with much to look forward to; regardless of the path I may choose – be it a ‘year out’ and world trip in an RV, or, rewarding charity work for those far more needy than I.”

Vinden has provided me with unbiased, sensible, balanced advice and support as I face one of the biggest decisions I have had to make.  My ‘journey’ will be much more focused thanks to his expertise and professionalism.”

Alan Fowler, Retired Air Force senior officer

Vinden Grace






“I met  Vinden and Eve several years ago when I was seeking to start up a new and entrepreneurial business venture. Despite having been a well-travelled and highly experienced businessman, I found the ability to have access to a team who were happy to work as an external and objective sounding-board for me, extremely valuable. Vinden (Grace) has provided just that. I’ve found his mentoring from his own international business experience, plus his business and success coaching that he and Eve have developed, to be truly invaluable. I’m currently working on a cross-cultural program and Vinden’s European Commission experience and knowledge acquired in helping to set up the Single European Market has proved to be a valuable insight that I have been able to reflect in my own business model. I can genuinely say that I am delighted to have Vinden Grace on my side and see his contribution as having made a tangible difference to my success.”

Martin P Craven, Company Director, former IBM Director

Vinden Grace






We’re really looking forward to working with you and helping you to sell your home!

Vinden Grace MSc  BSc (Hons)  MIoD  F IDM CWC  MBILD  MISMA
CEO Dunedin Consultants 

Member of the UK’s top organisation for business people, the prestigious Institute of Directors www.iod.com

Fellow of the Institute of Direct & Digital Marketing www.theidm.com

Graduate of Warwick Business School

Master’s degree from Boston University

Certified Guerilla Information Marketer

Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Stress Management
Certified Life / Success Coach
Certified Business Coach