Top Tips On Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home

By Vinden • June 21st, 2012

Selling Real Estate / Selling Property / Selling Your Home: Top Tips

Selling Real Estate Tips

There are certain key steps that the home-owner must take to maximise their chances of selling real estate or property.
We’ve learned these over the past 30 years of buying and selling real estate in America, England, France, Belgium, etc.

Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate

Realtors, estate agents, property developers and fellow real estate investors have helped us over these 3 decades, for which many thanks!

Now, as Property or Real Estate Coaches or mentors, we help others to sell their homes, for more money and faster!

We’ve sold an apartment in a French château in Provence for 3 times what we paid for it a few years previously!
We’ve bought an upmarket ‘executive-style’ apartment at auction for one-third of a million pounds / over half a million dollars!
We even bought a fabulous property in very smart Naples on Florida’s Gulf coast at an 80% discount on what the Realtor who owned it had paid a few years prior to that!

Selling Real Estate Tip 1

De-cluttering / un-clutteriing: this gives visitors to your home the chance to imagine themselves living in the property.
Too many effects in the home that are personal to you put people off. It stops them from picturing it as their home.

Selling Real Estate Tip 2

Kerb-appeal: many people will just drive on past your home if you haven’t taken the time to create a great first impression. Why waste these appointments?!
Trim any hedge, tidy up the front garden / yard, repaint the woodwork, the front door and treat any fencing.

Selling Real Estate Tip 3

Repairs: ensure that you get all of those little repairs /  DIY or handyman jobs completed that ‘you’ve been meaning to get around to’!
Loose drawer knobs, torn curtains, chipped woodwork, etc. imply to people that you haven’t maintained the property very well.

Selling Real Estate Tip 4

Cleaning: your home should be as clean as when it was built and ready for you to move into. If it wasn’t brand new, clean it or get it professionally cleaned so that it gleams like new!
That includes inside cupboards too. Even pipework should be free of dust and grease. No dust bunnies under the beds either! Don’t forget extractor hoods / vents too.

Selling Real Estate Tip 5

Painting and decorating: a fresh coat of paint on walls, ceilings and on the internal and external woodwork will make your home gleam and compare favourably with show homes and models.
Don’t forget you are also competing with new build homes. Fresh paintwork really makes a great first external and internal impression and implies you’ve cared for or maintained your home well.

Selling Real Estate Tip 6

Staging or dressing your home for sale: make it a ‘show home’ or model and create a lifestyle in the way that you stage the home that you believe will appeal to your home’s target market.
Visit a few show or model homes to see how they ‘dress’ the beds, lay a table as though for a meal, etc. They ‘stage’ each room to help viewers envisage a life for them in the property.

Selling Real Estate Tip 7

Pricing: this is crucial! This needs to be set at a level that is realistically achievable, not simply what you would like to achieve when selling real estate.
Do your research. What are comparable prices for selling real estate of a similar type, condition and location to yours? Use these as a guide. Buyers will!

So there you have it. This is a brief summary of the key tips for selling real estate.

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