Creative Solutions To Overcome Any Mortgage Or Home Selling Problems

By Vinden • November 1st, 2011

Buying A Property For £1 & Avoiding Bankruptcy & Repossession

When people’s backs are up against the wall, it’s good to see creative minds finding win-win solutions.

I read a newspaper article about how an adviser helped injured Wales rugby player Rhys Thomas buy a property for £1!
Plus helped the couple trying to sell the house avoid bankruptcy and retain their equity.

What creative solutions can you come up with either to sell your property or invest in one?
Rent to buy and lease options are popular devices to build up a property portfolio.

We’ve offered a vintage Rolls-Royce on one of our properties that was a huge and expensive mansion / country house.
We wanted to make our property stand out for sale in an area of lots of expensive houses.
It certainly got people’s attention! (It sold for ~ $1.1 million!)

Currently, to publicise our upcoming book, “Selling Your Home For More Money – In Any Market!”, and our
even more in-depth home-study course (in development), we’re even giving away one of our properties.
Not a cheap one either – it’s worth ~ $2/3 million!

Hope this stimulates some creative solutions thinking on your part. For help with this, check out our book.

Vinden Grace


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